Fun At Home

You have probably already discovered, that it is very difficult to find activities that disabled children can participate in easily and still enjoy.
We have spent many hours searching through the internet looking at toys, garden equipment, theme parks and activity centres that are both safe and disabled friendly.
Here are a selection of activities that Tommy and Matthew enjoy both at home in the garden and on those special days out.

Days at Home:

It is obviously important to consider the type and degree of disability before purchasing a new toy or piece of equipment.  In Matthew's case, mobility is an important factor.

We found many styles of battery operated vehicles at our local Toys R Us.  These were far less expensive than many of the purpose built mobility toys and yet still provided independence and mobility for a wide age group (Generally 1 - 8 year-olds).


Here is Matthew's 4 x 4 Jeep from the "Feber" range.  This went round the clock a few times before he finally outgrew it.  Take a look at Feber Outdoor Toys for other models in the Feber range.
Due to the nature of Tommy's and Matthew's condition, leg stretching is vitally important.  So, what better way than a trampoline!

These days, most trampolines are either supplied with a safety net as standard or as an optional extra.  We would definitely recommend the use of the safety net even if the trampoline is placed on a soft surface.

Another good leg-stretcher is swimming.  Like most children, both the boys love water and splashing about.  So we purchased a swimming pool house which housed a 16' x 10' pool.


There are now many optional extras available for home pools including steps, filters and heat retaining covers. 

We were very fortunate in that local charity groups raised and provided funding for a heater and a sand filter unit.  This enabled the boys to be in the pool right into the evening and throughout the winter months!

As Matthew continued to grow, I found it increasingly difficult to lift him in and out of the pool.  The Southend Sunflower Trust kindly raised and provided funding for a swimming pool hoist.


The hoist is manufactured and shipped from America by Eagle Leisure and works by water pressure from the mains supply.  Please note: Your water pressure will determine the size of hoist required.

Unfortunately, we were unable to transport the pool to our new home.  However, the hoist has proved to be a very convienient way of getting Matthew into our hot tub!