As you will be aware there are hundreds of registered charities in the UK supporting many different categories of disability, health and social conditions and we fully appreciate that they all have an important role to play in the support and guidance they offer and in how they choose there funding applications, after all as registered charities they are all accountable for their actions.  

However in our experience there are very few charities that will provide financial support to individuals in need (they seem to focus on providing support to other registered charities). During the time that we were having our bungalow adapted we contacted 33 charities for assistance with funding of the adaptation and purchase of equipment, there were only 4 that were able to help us (two were local charities) and it is to these charities that we would like to say a big Thank You and bring them to your attention:

Lions Club         (our local club Rayleigh/Hockley)

    Round Table     (our local club Rayleigh)

      Caudwell Children         

    Family Fund     

If you make an application to a charity you will find that the process can be daunting in the information they require and contact details or letters that are needed from specialists who deal with your child. The processes can be long too as there is invariably a waiting list you will go on to but generally it will take between 6-9 months to complete the whole process (if you are successful in securing the funding/grant).

Most charitable organisations will consider one grant application every 12 months for an individual.  We would be interested to know of your experiences with charities so please contact us.

Some organisations have incredibly long waiting lists – one we have recently contacted for provision of a Meywalk walker at home for Matthew is Whizz-kidz, but there waiting time is presently running at 18-22 months to fund equipment and as Matthew grows his needs change accordingly so waiting this long is not appropriate for him and therefore we have not proceeded any further with our application. 

The Meywalk walker was supplied to us by Helping Hands with charity funding through BDF Newlife.  The whole application process was simple and quick from initial completion of application form to receipt of equipment took just 13 weeks.




The charity that provided us with a trip of a lifetime to Lapland, every child's dream to meet the real SANTA. They were absolutely fantastic and a trip we will never forget (we even have a video recording of the whole experience). Thank You.


A big thank you to The Southend Sunflower Trust who continue to provide much needed equipment for Tommy and Matthew.

Other charities that may be of interest:

Improving life for children and young people with severe disabilities.

Go Kids Go is a specialist charity that run expert wheelchair training courses for children and their families across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our highly skilled mobility trainers will strive to make sure that every child they see learn the skills needed, and have the opportunities to reach their full potential, with the goal that by the time they become young adults they can be fully independent wheelchair users.